PERFORMANCE [inc. active participation in the course]  50%

CSD Thumbnails attached :CSD Thumbnails

Design and produce a Communication Strategy Document for the project brief you select. The communication strategy is a description of how you propose to respond to the brief; key points about the communication; and how your proposal relates to the target audience/s.

The Communication Strategy Document will act as evidence of your ability to practice and perform as a communication designer. The document will be a professional and creative design outcome in itself.

In it you will showcase your design concept, outline your research (audience and other relevant research) and highlight your communication strategies. This document will also include information on producing a design job such as timekeeping and minute taking.

Please use the following as a guideline for the structure of the document:

Cover page

• Your name  [plus name and student number on back cover]
• Title of the brief and/or name of client
• Representation of the final design

Communication Strategy

Key points in your communication strategy [approx 4pp], including:

• State the problem (who is the client and why have they come to us?)

• Research, hunting and  gathering information. (key audience, key message, social impact, competitors etc.)

• Insights from the research (what did we learn?  what are the next steps?)

• The strategy (what are we going to do for the project to succeed?)

Final Design Representation [4pp]

• Final design outcomes: key works as flat art

• In-situ: display the visual identity or campaign displayed in-situ [eg on billboard, TVC, Web ad, stationery, publication, etc]

• Development:selected design development work [roughs, sketches etc]

• Audience: 1-2 paragraphs on how your communication strategy is relevant to your specified audience


• Return brief :1 page with your name on the sheet, similar to a letterhead.

Development material

• Concept development strategy [key ideas / creative development / moodboard / rough sketches]

Style sheet [2pp style guide with essential information]:

• Instructions on the appropriate use of visual identity

• Brand requirements: colour, typography, restrictions

Production material

• Competitor research [include images]

• Purchase Order


9.30am, Monday 17 May

NB: Selected work to be presented in the folio as well as in CSD [see CSD brief]





STUDIO PITCH: PASS/FAIL [Fail = 10% deducted from Performance mark]

Plus FOLIO: 25% across GRAPs 2258 and 2249