Villa Alba: notes and research

Develop the communication strategy:

• State the problem (who is the client and why have they come to us?)
Identify one area of the project that you personally will focus on. For example you might take on a creative exploration of imagery, based on the patterns in the house. This would lead to both product design [eg tiles, pottery] and a communication outcome, such as a catalogue of works. Or you might aim to produce a type design and type book, based on the material found in and around the location.

• Research, hunting and  gathering information. (key audience, key message, social impact, competitors etc.)
Who is the audience/s for Villa Alba and the design exhibition; what media do they read and watch; where can you find them?

Use the specified target audience, such as the design conscious visitor to the exhibition, as the basis for defining a more definite audience group.

For example, this broad audience contains people who will identify as either professional designers, or people who appreciated good design. They might be young and experimental or older and more interested in high quality finishes.

Develop a strong picture of the group that you are talking to: do a moodboard about this group, create personas, look at their buying habits and how they shop [could be in shops, online, as a chore or as a lifestyle activity].

The Key message could be, for example:
appreciation: I appreciate design quality, or
intrigue: I am attracted to new and innovative ideas , or
art and image connoisseurs: I have an excellent collection of state of the art design artefacts

• Insights from the research (what did we learn?  what are the next steps?)
Note the thoughts you have during the briefing; look for interesting triggers to spark your imagination. For example: how do the students from the other discipline respond to the imagery? What is the story of the house that could come through in your own narrative of the project? What is the effect of light on the rooms and colours; what sense of space and sound do you get?

Consider what a competitor to Villa Alba might be. Look at art galleries, cultural centres, interior design firms and so on.

• The strategy (what are we going to do for the project to succeed?)
How can you communicate with the audience: what type of words; images and symbols are they used to?
What are your ideas? How do they look [brainstorm the project, develop moodboard, sketches, design roughs etc]
What is the scope of the project and how much time can you devote to it? Create a timeline with realistic deliverables

REMEMBER: This is a Communication Design project – your solution requires a clear communication strategy


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  1. This is the link to the Villa Alba facebook group…

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