Spoke: notes and research


Catalyst/Knog Brand Presentation
Tuesday 27 April 4-5.30pm
453 Church St, Richmond

Bring your initial material for Spoke  : research, design roughs [keep it simple]



Develop the communication strategy:

• State the problem (who is the client and why have they come to us?)
Identify one area of the project that you personally will focus on. For example you might take on the lifestyle brand as your core deliverable; or you could approach it from the point of the retail outlet; or it could be a launch campaign.

• Research, hunting and  gathering information. (key audience, key message, social impact, competitors etc.)
Who is the audience/s for your concept of Spoke; how do they like to shop; what do the use the bike for?

Use the specified target audience — young Malaysians with disposable incomes, who buy consumer products as fashion statements—as the basis for defining a more definite audience group.

For example, this broad audience contains people who will identify as either professional, high achievers; or urban hip, design savvy consumers; or sports orientated, active participants [among other sub groups].

Develop a strong picture of the group that you are talking to: do a moodboard about this group, create personas, look at their buying habits and how they shop [could be in shops, online, as a chore or as a lifestyle activity].

The Key message could be, for example:
status: I can afford to buy the best; I know quality, or
tribal: join the Spoke community by buying its products , or
active image: I have an outdoor lifestyle

• Insights from the research (what did we learn?  what are the next steps?)
Note the thoughts you have during the briefing; look for interesting triggers to spark your imagination. For example: how do Knog disrupt the perception of push bike retail; what are the issues of selling bikes in Malaysia; where do people who buy from Spoke congregate; what are the channels of information they use [Facebook, Pubs; Sports events?]
Bike riding has a strong, positive social impact in terms of health and the environment. What can this do for your brand story?

Consider what the competitions is doing in this space: deconstruct Knog as a competitor’s campaign; look for other lifestyle brands and how they work.

• The strategy (what are we going to do for the project to succeed?)
How can you communicate with the audience: what type of words; images and symbols are they used to?
What are your ideas? How do they look [brainstorm the project, develop moodboard, sketches, design roughs etc]
What is the scope of the project and how much time can you devote to it? Create a timeline with realistic deliverables

REMEMBER: This is a Communication Design project – your solution is clear communication of the brand and its features, not just a retail design.


One response to “Spoke: notes and research

  1. http://fixedgeargirltaiwan.blogspot.com/

    one of the competitors mentioned in the briefing, it gives a little insight into the asian market 🙂

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