FORM 20%

Spoke is a new pushbike and accessories retail outlet brand located in The Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. It is positioning itself as a contemporary street fashion brand, appealing to young, upwardly mobile commuters.

You will design the visual identity, brand strategy, including unique selling proposition [USP] message, and launch campaign. The success of the brand rollout will rely on good knowledge of local conventions, buying patterns and lifestyle. Research the city, talk to colleagues who come from or have visited KL and find competitor brands in Australia to compare.


Write a concise statement that communicates your key message. The message is what you want the reader/viewer/participant to know about your design solution and what you want to communicate. For example, Knog creates a visual aesthetic that says: street, design, i heart bikes and everything bike…


Visual identity for application across stationery, shop front signage and packaging

A media campaign based on your core campaign message and communication strategy. Select media that is appropriate to your campaign [eg TV, Social Media, Print, Outdoor advertising]. The campaign should include at least two media outcomes].


1. Sustainable packaging and designs for store merchandise

2. Decals for bike outfits


Young Malaysians with disposable incomes, who buy consumer products as fashion statements.


All design outcomes are to be individual, not group designs, unless negotiated with your lecturer


9.30am, Monday 17 May

NB: Selected work to be presented in the folio as well as in CSD [see CSD brief]