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Legible Cities is a project organised by Michel Verheem of IDLab . It is based on a similar project in England: Legible London.

The client briefing is on:
Tuesday 13th of April at 2.30 – 3.30
It will be given by
Amanda Roberts
Urban Designer
VicUrban | 710 Collins Street Docklands Victoria 3008

The brief is to design a wayfinding system for people who travel around Melbourne at street level. It will make sense of the city environment for tourists, occassional visitors, and for people who like to find out what’s going on behind-the-scenes of a city.

The wayfinding system should create a clear sense of place: where am I now/ what is nearby/ what is behind the door or up the stairs/ how do I navigate around the city, with specific experiences in mind (take, for example, Stephen Banham’s Typographic Tour of Melbourne streets)/ mobile technology solutions linked to the physical sign that give detailed information.

Your wayfinding solution will include a description of the system you propose; signage design with examples of heirarchy, materials and locations; and a map of the area you choose to work in.

You will do a site visit to a specified part of the city for an extended briefing.


Write a concise statement that communicates your key message. The message is what you want the reader/viewer/participant to know about your design solution and what you want to communicate. For example, IDLab uses the message: Creating legible environments


A wayfinding proposal that includes key design solutions [as mentioned above].

2 levels of signage: parent directory and sub sign

3d Mock ups of 1-2 signs, to 1/20 scale; Photo representations of 3d models in situ

Map of the location with sign locations identified

Style guide for heirarchy, typography, colour sets, materials


Choose 1 design item to promote your design proposal from the following:

1.Promotional brochure: A4 x 4pp

2. TVC or motion graphic: present as a storyboard


People who travel through the city at street level

Identify ONE audience type that your proposal will address directly [eg young clubbers, middle age art goers, all age inquisitors…


Research suggestions and other resources are on the GRAP blog.


All design outcomes are to be individual, not group designs, unless negotiated with your lecturer


9.30am, Monday 17 May

NB: Selected work to be presented in the folio as well as in CSD [see CSD brief]